Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Outside Looking In

Hat (thrifted)
Spell Designs Kimono
PJK Silk Tee (thredup.com)
7FAM Jeans (consignment)
Free People x Jeffery Campbell Clogs (ebay)
Proenza Schoulder Bag (consignment)

I liked the idea of this outfit but looking back at the pictures, it seems a little sloppy.  I think that's partly because the kimono got really wrinkled after a day of driving but it might be the loose tee plus kimono just doesn't work as well on me, I need a little bit of structure in there somewhere.

In other news, I just got bit by the first mosquito of the season!  The only bigger news than that is that the spiders are now out and it's time to gas the house.  When it comes to spiders in the house, bring on the chemicals - last year we did a pretty through bombing and then spraying a few times around the outside and it made a really big difference.  I feel like a loser when I say I'm scared of spiders but sometimes it gets pretty intense to where if I have a prolong exposure to them, I start having mild panic attacks..  I have nightmares and stay awake worrying about brown recluse spiders crawling on me (or worse, the kids) and doing the bug bombs help out a little with that.  I know, just call me whimpy mcwhimp-erson.


  1. Ughhh, no, I hear you, spiders are the worst part about summer. They're fine when they're out in nature (where they belong), but when they invade my house, I freak out a little...
    Haha, anyway, your kimono selection is always impressive, and I'm crushing on this one as well!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. The more I see those shoes on you, the more I like them.They look so comfy and chic!
    Your comments about the spiders made me think about how in the classroom, I am a bug pacifist. When a crawly critter enters the room (we don't have A/C, so the windows and doors are open), students are called upon to scoop up the bug and take it outside. I will look reproachfully at anyone who stomps on a bug. At home, however, it's quite a different story ...


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