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Garnier BB Cream - Miracle Skin Perfector/Daily Anti-Acne
Essence get BIG! Lashes - 3Triple Black
L'Oreal Paris Colour Riche Balm - 219 Plush Plum
Almay Lip Balm  - 35 Spirited Spice
Clinque Chubby Stick - 04 Mega Melon
Kate Moss for Rimmel Lipstick - 109 Rossetto Rouge

I thought maybe I'd tried a different post for today.  I always enjoy seeing what cosmetics other people use - especially what actually works ad is worth spending money on! My makeup bag is pretty small, aside from these six products and an eye pencil that sometimes I can find and sometimes can't (it's like that left sock in the dryer) I don't use anything else aside from moisturizer and chap-stick.

I've tried quite a few foundations and this one is my very favorite of all time. for a long time I used Revlon's Dream Moose until the formula changed and it became more cakey than smooth and I'd bought this on impulse. It's normally $12.99 and it's worth every penny - one tube usually lasts me between 6-8 months. Until this tube, I've bought just the plain Granier BB Cream but our local Fred Meyer's just started stocking a few different varieties and I ended up choosing the Anti-Acne version this time around. I don't get a lot of pimple but I do get the single, large, really ugly ones and it's always around this time of year. This formula is just a little heavier than the regular BB Cream, the regular formula is very light and dewy and doesn't give a ton of coverage whereas this version is more foundation and coverage. The pimples I do get are very large and dry so regular foundation usually just cakes on and makes them look worse, this just lightly covered them and doesn't dry them out. It also evens out any redness in my skin and doesn't feel heavy at all.

I LOVE this mascara. My sister is really into cosmetics and while she usually goes for the Korean stuff, this mascara is one she recommended to me a while back and man, it's good! It doesn't clump, it's a thick formula and I only need two swipes to make my very short, thin lashes look good. (It also doesn't flake off during the day!) Now, the nice mascara I've ever tried was Bobby Brown's stuff about ten years ago but I like this one better than that. It's also a lot cheaper, $2.99 a tube!

The Colour Riche Balms are another thing I buy over and over again, as soon as I finish off a tube, I buy another. They're very light but with a lot of color for a lip balm and they actually make my lips feel moisturized. I've tried the Baby Lips balm and hated them, they left a really strange, awful taste that got into my month and they balm itself felt very rough in texture. These are fabulous, I only reapply color once a day so the tubes themselves last a while. They're $7.99 and a really good dupe for the Clinque Chubby Sticks.

What to say about the Clinque Chubby Sticks aside from how wonderful they are? They're the most expensive cosmetic in my bag at $17 but one I'm going to keep buying. They feel so good and they look sooo good.

I really don't like most of Rimmel's cosmetic, the lipsticks always feel grainy and the eye shadows fade quickly but this red from the Kate moss collaboration has been my favorite red lipstick.  It's very creamy in texture and while it does wear off after about 4 hours, I think that's pretty decent for a lipstick.  It also smells like green tea ice cream which is totally weird but so good. (Green tea ice cream is the best, Tillamook does a great one if you can find it.)

An that's about it!  It takes me only a minute in the morning to do my makeup and while it's not super glam, it does work to even out my skin and make me look a little more awake.  I do like how sculpting can look but I sort of hate to send the money on extra cosmetics and spend the time to do it every day. 

So what about you guys?  Do you have any good recommendations or any products that you just love and buy over and over again?  I know I get pretty set in my ways once I find a product I like and I rarely try something new but after reading so many reviews about try MAC's Russian Red Lipstck, the color seems like it works on a lot of skin tones and I've heard good things about their formula.  I also want to try Urban Decay's Liquid eyeliner, I tried it at the new Ulta store and really liked the forula and the brush on it. (Unfourtunatly it's pretty expensive, $27 seems like a lot!)  I've not really had good luck with most drugstore luqid liners, it seems like most of the forumlas are really dry an don't aply that well but if anyone knows of a cheaper liner tha they love, please let me know!


  1. Oooh I love seeing what makeup other people use! I tried the Urban Decay eyeliner and it was pretty good, but then I tried the tattoo liner from Kat Von D's line and I LOVE it. I don't think I'll ever try anything else. It's about 18$, which is still pricey to me but cheaper then many other lines. I have been using cover girls lash blast mascara for a few years now, I really like it but I have kinda been wanting to try something new. Maybe I'll see if I can find this kind!

    1. I really like seeing what other people use as well, it's a great way to find out what really works! The essance mascara is cheap but great, I use to buy covergirl and almay until my sister turned me onto this one, its the only one I've bought for past three years. And thanks for the tip about the kat von d eye liner, I wondered if her's was any good! (and you always have such great makeup, you hit this perfect note of polished but not over done and it looks great!)

  2. Dude, we were totally on the same wavelength when we did our makeup posts...haha I just did a lipstick review post and YES TO MAC RUSSIAN RED! GET IT!
    Haha, it's totally worth it and it's one of my favorite red lipsticks. I'll have to check out Clinique's line of lip products though, that chubby stick sounds fab.

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