Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Catch It If You Can

Free People Hat (gift)
Fred Meyer Scarf
Spell Designs Kimono
Tracey Ellen Silk Dress (gift)
Yagmour Suede Bag and Leather Belt (thrifted)
Steve Madden Heels (ebay)

This ended up being a lot of prints at once but they all seemed to really work with this dress. It's got oranges and pinks that pick up in both the scarf and the kimono and with the rest of the outfit being black as a base, it didn't seem like too much. It's fun to start wearing some tall heels again, I did have to go back and put the ankle straps on these because they're a deathtrap otherwise. The last time I tried to wear them I ended up stumbling every couple steps - you'd think with the thick heels they'd be a little more sturdy. (Or maybe I just forgot how to walk in heels that don't have all the built in ankle support of ankle boots.)



  1. Ahhhh, so much color and prints all at once in such an amazing outfit! Dang, I need to break up my boring outfits now...haha, this is inspiring me!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries


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