Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Another Day

Urban Outfitters Hat
Spell Designs Fleetwood Lace Blouse
American Eagle Jeans
DV Dolce Vita Heels
Cleobella Bag

I think I maybe need to give up on these jeans.  I keep thinking they look great and then I look at photos and go "ugh..."  I suppose that mean new jeans but I've ben trying hard not to just buy stuff but I have 3 pairs of high waisted jeans that just. don't. work that it might be worth  getting one pair that looks decent and getting rid of the other ones.  I don't want to make another mistake (like the Marias in the wrong material or the Old Navy that fit great in the fitting room but awful after one day) so I guess I'll have to keep wearing these until I find the right ones.

Anyways, I've been gripping enough about jeans lately, I'm sure everyone's bored out of their mind by now!  I try not to bug friends and family in rl by going on about this kinda stuff so it's heaped all on you guys.  Sorry about that!  (But seriously, let me know if there's any really great black, high waist jeans you like.)


  1. I love all of the fringe!! Great top :) Good luck in your search for high waisted jeans!!


  2. I think the high waist jeans look great on you!


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