Thursday, April 30, 2015

Lazy Sunday Evening

 Love Culture Jacket (thrifted)
Old Navy Tee
American Eagle Pants
Jeffery Campbell x Free People Clogs (ebay)
Woven Bag (thrifted)

Okay, I don't love joggers because most of them do terrible, terrible things to my hips but these are. just. so. soft.  I bought these last fall and have mostly worn tem as lounge pants but lately I've been wearing them as swimming pants. (Not that I swim in them but when you're changing back out of your swimsuit, it's not much fun struggling to get into skinny jeans.)  Sundays are usually pretty casual for us so these pants have been fitting in with that.  They're probably not the most flattering pants in the world but it's nice to have some loose pants now that it's warming up a bit!  Actually, it's just nice to start wearing all of the things that aren't warm enough to break out during the winter, it's so nice to go outside and not feel any discomfort.
I know I said last time I needed to toss this tee because it's worn and stained but it's from a few years ago when Old Navy had decent tees and I haven't found any that are ok.  I went through my drawers the other day and realized almost all of my tees and tanks are in he same condition, all are from years ago and in need of replacement.  Basics aren't my favorite thing to buy but I think I'll just slowly replace them this summer.  I don't really need anything else (haha, I really don't!) so I'm not going to do a ton of shopping this summer. 

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Second Glance

 Trying out this "smiling" thing, you guys see enough of my derp faces, they might as well be happy derp faces!

Urban Outfitters Hat
Ecote Kimono
Milly Silk Dress (thrifted)
Coach Bucket Bag (thrifted)
Free People Sandals
I found this dress during the winter, I'd considered not getting it because I wasn't sure it was my style and the silk isn't in the best of shape.  Buuuut...the colors are pretty and it was $2 which made it kinda hard to pass up.  One thing I really love about the pattern Milly uses is how differently they look in real life vs photographed - in rl you really don't see the overall pattern, on this dress is just looks like a bunch of brightly colored blocks but in pictures it looks like lilly pads on a pond. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Another Day

Urban Outfitters Hat
Spell Designs Fleetwood Lace Blouse
American Eagle Jeans
DV Dolce Vita Heels
Cleobella Bag

I think I maybe need to give up on these jeans.  I keep thinking they look great and then I look at photos and go "ugh..."  I suppose that mean new jeans but I've ben trying hard not to just buy stuff but I have 3 pairs of high waisted jeans that just. don't. work that it might be worth  getting one pair that looks decent and getting rid of the other ones.  I don't want to make another mistake (like the Marias in the wrong material or the Old Navy that fit great in the fitting room but awful after one day) so I guess I'll have to keep wearing these until I find the right ones.

Anyways, I've been gripping enough about jeans lately, I'm sure everyone's bored out of their mind by now!  I try not to bug friends and family in rl by going on about this kinda stuff so it's heaped all on you guys.  Sorry about that!  (But seriously, let me know if there's any really great black, high waist jeans you like.)

Monday, April 27, 2015

Blue Skies

American Eagle Outfitters Hat
Forever21 Dress and Jacket (thrifted)
Spell Designs Bag (ebay)
Free People Sandals

Okay, I am so excited to finally wear some sandals!  And even better, these sandals!  I've been looking for gladiator sandals for a long time now and it's been really hard finding a pair that will fit a 15 inch calf and not be insanely expensive.  I know this style is a trend that fades in and out every few years but I feel like they fit into my style pretty well.  After trying on a few pairs, I ended up getting these, the laces weren't quite long enough to lace all the way up and I was worried about that "sausage in twine" look but I took the laces out of the smaller holes and just re-laced them through the large hooks.  It makes them ways faster to put on and looks a little more flattering on my leg.   They're also just fun to wear, they're one of those clothing items in my closet that I'm always really excited to wear and that's something I've been working towards - having things I love to wear that don't just stay in the back.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Waiting On Time

Urban Outfitters Hat
American Eagle Outfitters Jacket
Areo Tank
Old Navy High Rise Jeans
Free People Bag (gift)

Look at that, no snow!  We're even starting to see little green starts everywhere, pretty soon green-up should start happening.  I'd try to type more about the endless joy of spring (aside from all the mud) but my keyboard has decided to become the devil and it's taken me over ten minutes just to type this much.   Pretend I said some witty and funny stuff which yeah, would be pretty out of character for me. So instead of wit, have some kitty gifs!

And some pony ones because you know, ponies.....

Friday, April 24, 2015

Stuck In The Proverbial Mud

Free People Hat and Dress
Love Culture Denim Jacket (thrifted)
American Eagle Crop Top
Jeffery Campbell x Free People Clogs (ebay)
Proenza Schouler Bag (consignment) 

Sixty degrees you guys!  And even though the river is in the middle of break up, the sand is totally dry and warm. (We built the first sand castles of the season and I'm pretty sure that's a new record for us.)  I also finally figured out a way to wear this dress during he summer as well, crop tops!  The backless dresses look like they're still a big trend but I'm not totally comfortable showing off my bra that much and if you're not comfortable it shows.  I ended up layering a white crop top under this dress and it totally took care of the not-wanting-to-feel-totally-exposed-and-sorta-appropriate thing.  Because this dress is so strappy the straps from the crop ended up blending in with the whole look and not looking so awkward - sometimes it's a really delicate balance between looking Mormon and being appropriate for everyday situations.(My life isn't glamorous nor trendy enough for me to have places to go where showing off my bra is appropriate. Fairbanks, Alaska just isn't there yet. Or it's probably that I'm not cool nor hip enough.)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

You Had A Bad Day

Free People Hat
Old Navy Scarf, Shirt and High Rise Jeans
Forever21 Jacket (thrifted)
Suede Bag (thrifted)
Doc Martens (gift)

I don't get a ton of wear out of my Docs during the winter but I love them for spring.  By then it's usually warm enough I don't want to wear my Dublins but still muddy and gross enough outside that I don't really want to trash my other boots in the grime.  Enter the Docs!  Man, I'm pretty sure there's nothing I can do to destroy these, I wore them quite a bit last spring at this time and they still look like they're new out of the box, there's not even wear on the treads.  I know a lot of people have said he quality has gone down since some Docs are now being made in China rather than England but when I compare these to the pair got almost *gulp* 15 yeas ago, I don't see a lot of difference. 

You might remember this shirt from almost a year ago, I'd bought it and then ended up not liking I and was going to take it to donate.  I ended up misplacing I in a box of summer clothes and found it the other day.  I'd really been wanting a top similar to this but kept taking myself out of the ones at Old Navy.  I'm so happy I didn't end up getting rid of it, I think at the time I just didn't really understand how I wanted to wear it and wrote the top off as being bad. I'm really bad at doing that, I have fairly good instincts for what I want but it seems like it takes me forever to figure out how to work it in. (Because you know, clothes hard.)

I also feel like  need to proclaim how awesome the Gariner BB Cream that I use is.  I've been having a really bad allergy attack this week and my face/neck is just a mess of hives and huge, raised rashes.  Like, it's bad looking.  The only thing I can stand to put on my skin right now is Corizone and this BB Cream.  I know you aren't suppose to put any products on when you have a breakout like this but it looks so bad that I really can't bear to go out without something on it. (Thy name is vanity)  This BB Cream(the anti acne version) is so flipping amazing I can't say enough nice thing about it, it doesn't burn or dry out my skin and it actually covers the redness and makes me look human.  I'm not paid to say anything about this, it's just a product I really love and right now it makes me feel a lot better about myself.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Rollin' Through

Free People Hat
Free People Bag (gift)
Gap Shirt (thrifted)
Anna Sui Dress (ebay)
Jeffery Campbell Boots

It's been blowing so much lately, we had a squall this day that ended up causing some power outages and a tree to fall on someone's roof in town.  We didn't have any problems at our house aside from stuff blowing everywhere, all of our trees are pretty shrimpy and it's take some serious work for any of them to take out our power lines. (So small blessings?)   We're suppose to maybe get some more snow as well, I'm really hoping that doesn't happen!
I've been wearing more maxis than shorter dresses this spring, maxis are just soooo easy to wear that all of my other dresses are hanging in the closet, forgotten. ((Well, at least until it gets really hot.)  It's just had to be a maxi on days like these, no up skirt moments here.