Monday, March 16, 2015

Winter Blooms

Blizzard Hat
Scarf (gift)
American Eagle Jacket
Free People Dress (ebay)
Spell Designs "Dreamweaver Bag" (ebay_
Doc Martens (gift)

This hat is no longer among the living, not that it was living but now it's pretty dead.  With the new schedule Dakota's been alone a little more and while I usually rush from work and take her for a quick walk before picking up Izzy, Dakota is still not happy about the whole thing.  She ripped this hat apart and yesterday pulled one of my bags off the rack and chewed it to shreds.  At this rate, we might have to start crating her again, I'm worried she's going to eat something she's chewing on and get it stuck in her stomach.  She has a ton of chew friendly toys, I think it's mostly because she's angry about being along whereas before she's really only been alone for a few hours here and there.

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  1. Oh, I love this. A floral maxi is so unexpected for snow, but so very lovely!


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