Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Under The Spell

Old Navy Parka
Spell Designs Lace Blouse (gift)
Leather Belt and MichaelMichael Kors Boots (thrifted)
AE High Rise Jeans
Urban Outfitters x Cleobella Bag

Look at that, I put some effort into pictures today! (Well, to be honest, Ev did.  I bribed him with steak and it was delicious.)  These were taken over along the back entrance to Pioneer Park, along the railroad house and some of the historic cabins that have been moved over there to be preserved.  It's a pretty cool spot and hey, makes for some cute pictures!
This blouse was my Valentine/anniversy present, I got to pick out an item from Spell Designs and this blouse was one I'd been looking at for a while.  For the past few years I'd been wanting one of Joie's lace blouses but my taste in style shifted a bit and this blouse was the replacement for that.  I'd thought it's sold out a while ago and had been looking at a Free People one(that just wasn't as nice) but Ev went to the site and ended up picking out this one for me! (I suppose I talked enough about it and had left the browser open on it)  It arrived a few days ago and I'm so excited about it.  I really like the lace that Spell Designs used in this collection, it's very thick and not as fragile as most of the lace blouses I've looked at.  It also has fringe and well, you know - fringe. 


  1. Omgsh, it's lacy and has fringe on the back *_* GAH! Spell Designs really has the best items...sigh.
    Haha, maybe I'll try bribing people with steak now! xD

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. This lace blouse is so gorgeous and I bet it'll be incredibly versatile. What a great present! And hooray for it being made of sturdy lace. I hate when I'm always scared my finger will accidentally poke through the lace.

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  3. That is such a neat little area. And I am loving that blouse, so pretty!


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