Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Out Of The Woods

Free People Hat (gift)
Forever 21 Jacket (thrifted)
Spell Designs Fleetwood Lace Blouse (gift)
Paige Jeans (consignment)
Seychells Boots
Ecote Bag
Even though I wear my pair of Ecote black ankle boots a lot, this pair of Seychelles is still one of my favorite pairs.  Even though the heel is pretty high, the boots themselves are really comfortable and I'm impressed that they still look decent after all of the terrible things I've done to them. (It's really no a great idea to wear suede boots in the snow but if I didn't wear them in the winter, there's only a month of acceptable weather I would be able to wear them without damaging them.  So boot torture it is!)  There's quite a range of price in between these and my Rag & Bone Harrow boots but I'd have to say these have ended up being the more comfortable pair by far - the Seychelles brand seems to be really great if you have wide feet and while I know a few people say they're not great quality, I'd have to disagree because these don' even have a rub spot on the suede yet.
In other news, sooooo warm!  Man, I didn't even need a jacket yesterday, the sunshine really had some warmth to it.  It looks like our harsh temps are over for the year and hopefully all of this snow will start melting off.  Because you know, breakup season in Alaska is always such a joy.  Two months of knee deep mud!

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  1. That lace blouse is just perfect. I love it! Your flared jeans look great with it too. I feel like everything would look good with it though.

    Jamie |


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