Friday, March 27, 2015

No Hat?

French Connection Jacket
Old Navy Tank
Kut from the Cloth Jeans (consignment)
B. Makowsky Leather Bag (consignment)
Seychelles Boots

So.  Bright.   I really need to get a air of sunglasses and even more so, not lose them inside of a day. The sun reflecting off the sun is just killing my eyes lately and it's miserable for driving. (But again, my own fault. I should be enough of an adult not to lose my glasses all the time.)
Anyways, flares!  I took a bag of clothes to the consignment shop and came back with these jeans and wooooow, are they nice.  Kut from the Cloth must use a fit model with a similar body to mine because these actually fit perfectly, right off the rack and that's a rare thing.  I really like J.Brand and rag & bone but it's hit and miss with some of their styles. I hat to wear some higher shoes with these but I don't even care, they're that comfy.  (They're actually not that bad, my two pairs of Seychelles boots are awesome to wear all day, even with a four inch heel.  I can run in these things!)


  1. Whoa, no hat 0_o Haha, switching things up, eh?
    Love the printed jacket and these awesome flared jeans! That's amazing that they fit so perfectly - I always have to hem mine. I just thrifted a pair that fit the leg perfect, but man...there's about four extra inches of denim at the end that need to be trimmed xD

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. girl, & you know the trend now is all flare. these look fantastic katie!


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