Monday, March 2, 2015

Fairbanks Tired Iron (River Party!)

This past weekend we went down to the Tired Iron River Party that was being held down on the Chena River.  There was a snow machine race, moose turd bowling with kids and inner tubes, sledding and the Frozen cast wandering around.   It wasn't that cold, around 15 degrees with the snow started coming down pretty good near the afternoon as a prelude to a winter storm. (That ended up not being very terrible, whew!)

I did not do a great job of taking pictures, we mostly having too much fun to pull the camera out!  The square at the center of downtown is so pretty that I did get a few pictures in.

Moose antlers!  We found a nice spot to watch the racers coming in and did a lot of dog watching.  So. Many. Cute. Dogs. 
The Frozen cast was there as well in a partnership with the local food bank, Izzy was so excited to meet them! She'd been talking about this all week and now she's really excited to go to school and tell her friends about meeting Elsa, Anna, Sven, Kristoff and Olaf printed off and hanging up.   One of her classmates was featured in Sunday's paper and Izzy clipped it out to take to her today.  

 It's funny to look at this picture, this summer the river had completely flooded out this part of the lower walkway and now look at it, twenty feet above the ice!
This is my super cute and fashionable outfit.  Note the hat with flower - Alaskan chic right here.  It wasn't very cold but with the wind picking up I ended up layering my wool Fleet St jacket I've had for over 12 years under my Old Navy parka.  My Bogs boots have about bit the dust so until I get another pair I've been wearing my Dublin Barn boots, they have fantastic tread on the bottom for walking on ice and are really comfortable for walking around.  I feel like such a brave person for getting in a picture in public - so brave!  Later on we did some snow machine rides at home and had a early spring bbq at mom and dad's.  It was a pretty awesome weekend after a long week.



  1. Man, I don't like kids much, but yours are just the most adorable little potatoes!!! I want to squeeze them! Haha, the best way you can tell someone had fun is zero photos :D I usually forget to take photos when I'm too happy :D
    Love the flower hat, fashion goddess! :D

  2. it looks freezing! i adore all the pics katie. snow machine rides? moose turd bowling with inner tubes? i was like what's up with the girl in the wig. then i realized she was in costume. isn't life full when we're caught in the moments enjoying, that we forget to take photos?


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