Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Down to The River

Free People Hat
Forever 21 Coat (gift)
Free People Blouse and Bag (ebay)
American Eagle Outfitters High Rise Jeans
Boots (thrifted)

A friends daughter was cleaning out her closet so I got a coat and Izzy got a few pairs of boots! (Said friend's daughter has tiny feet)  It's probably terrible that I got a coat from a teenager but I think I remember this one being fairly recent and anyways, who turns down free coats?  No one who live in a cold climate!  This one reminds me a little of a Pendleton one I saw at the thrift store a few months back (except it was a red/orange print and full leangth) but for some crazy reason, I passed up on it and have kicked myself ever since.  The print on this one is fun and while it's not the warmest thing, it's okay for those 30 degree days.   It also turns out that these boots are awesome for tromping around in deeper snow.  No snow down these boots!


  1. Whoa, this coat was a gift? Hooray for generous teenagers! :-D I love it, the bag is lovely too! I never turn down free stuff, never!!!


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