Friday, February 27, 2015

Working On It

Free People Hat (gift)
Old Navy Parka Cashmere Blend Cardigan (thrifted)
AG Tee (consignment)
American Eagle High Rise Jeans
Seychelles Boots
Pendleton Bag (thrifted)

What, an actual work outfit?   This never happens...

Like I said earlier, I really love this tee partly because it doesn't gape open when I lean over so I've been wearing it to work pretty often, usually with a cardigan over it.  (Because I'm boring like that.)  My work wardrobe is pretty small, mostly because I hate to ruin anything I really love but it also has to be decent enough to greet guests.  That's pretty much my dress code, I could show up to work in slippers and leggings if I wanted...not that I don't, as awesome as slippers are.  I rote this pair of jeans out with my other Gap pair and then wear a few different tops with a cardigan.  It makes getting ready easy but man, I'd be depressed if that was the extend of my wardrobe, there's not a lot of fun items in that!


  1. My work wardrobe is pretty much the same, I look forward o the weekends when I can dress up! I'm loving that plaid bag!

  2. Stripes + plaid is such a great combination. And that bag is a wonderful thrift find ...

  3. I think a striped shirt and some good jeans is a great go-to combination! I really like the dark red cardigan you paired with this too. It's a really classic look!

    Jamie |


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