Friday, February 6, 2015

Railroad Crossing

Free People Hat and Bag(gift)
Fur Collar (thifted)
Herman Kay Coat, H&M Cardigan, Leather Belt (thrifted)
Rampage Boots
7FAMK Jeans (consignment)

This is over by the Chena River, alongside the back of Pioneer Park.  They have a little train that runs during the summer and this is the railroad depot.  The trains are a ton of fun for the kids, we end up going several times during the summer because Izzy and Gunnar enjoy it so much. (It's also really reasonable in price, $2 person!)  I know I've talking quite a bit about Pioneer Park in the past but until I had kids, I'd written it off as a really tourist-y place and was shocked to realize how awesome it really is.  They have restored many of the historical cabins ad created a tiny town, the Steamroller SS Nanana is n dry dock there, there's both a Native and Aviation Museum and the playground is so much fun for kids.  There's also a few food stands and a merry-go-round along with the Salmon Bake, it's a pretty easy place o spend the entire day.  Of course, right now it' a little chilly but we're all looking forward to summer!


  1. beautiful location..
    happy week end

  2. amazing!!
    follow to follow?

  3. Your accessories are always what make your outfits that much better Katie. I'm really struck by just how much even your gloves complete this look. The fair isle print, the details in your hat, that amazing necklace layering going on...just yes! I love it all :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. It looks like such a cute little area!

  5. You looks amazing dear!!! I love your style ♥


  6. The snow there is so pretty, not black and muddy like ours here :( I'd love to see some photos from this place when you visit it during Summer, it sounds amazing ^_^ And eeek, love this fur collar!

  7. That sounds like a fun place to visit with kids! The scenery sure is gorgeous! You look great in your wide brimmed hat and fur scarf too.

    Jamie |


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