Thursday, February 26, 2015


American Eagle Outfitters Hat, Scarf and Jacket
AG Striped Shirt (consignment)
J.Brand Maria Jeans (ebay)
Ecote Boots
Spell Designs Dreamweaver Bag (ebay)

This was a pretty simple look that I really liked.  And hey, another striped shirt!  To be fair, I think this was finally the simple tee I've been looking for, it has a really nice drape to it, isn't transparent and has a more open neckline but the draping of the shirt keep the neckline from gaping open if I lean forward.  I paid only a few dollars for it at the consignment store but I like it enough that I think I'm going to try to hunt down some more of these tees, but in different colors.  When you find a tee that you really like that doesn't fall apart after the first washing, you buy a couple of them.


  1. I really like this shirt! I keep accidentally buying more striped shirts--can't have enough!

  2. Oooh, that scarf! I love it :D I just want to bundle up in it.
    And score on the shirt! I've been wanting to invest in some good quality basics, and a striped tee is always on the list.

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