Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Night Shift

Free People Hat and Bag (gift)
Sheinside coat (gift)
Free People Dress (thrifted)
Boots and Leather Belt (thrifted)

See, it's so warm I can wear this coat again?  (Seriously, it must not get that cold in China because all of the coats I've seen from the Chinese retail sites are thin.  This one is more like a light jacket and unfortunately, it's not big enough I can wear a thick sweater under it.)
Ev recently changed jobs and it's been pretty wonderful.  He's been working night shifts for the past five years (I've never said anything about this because it seemed like a security risk) but now he's on days and it's awesome.  No more staggered dinner, or staying up until 11 to say bye, everyone gets up together in the morning and gets to have breakfast.  It seems like a really silly thing but it really feels wonderful and like a treat to have everyone on the same schedule.

*And yes, I realize the irony of naming this post "night shift" and here I am in a short dress and over-the-knee-boots.


  1. That's great he got moved to first shirt and everyone can be on the same schedule! That dress is so pretty, and I love the light falling snow.

  2. Awww, so glad about the schedule change! It's not a silly thing at all! That's so nice to have everyone on the same schedule :)
    Ooooh, and as for this outfit, it's another hit for me! The dark tones of winter style is something I absolutely love. I've been trying to get into the mindset for spring (the weather right now is unreal, it's so warm...) but my closet is not having any of it. I don't know how I'm going to do it. I'll probably just end up wearing my winter pieces/colors into spring and summer as well...sigh.

    Anyway! Thanks for the thoughtful comment on my last post Katie! It really helped :)
    Of course, I could never fake kindness, so whatever niceties that come out of me around A are generally pretty genuine because my personality is naturally easy going and friendly. It's actually been easy balancing between kindness but distant. It works too, since she's very aloof and only talks to me when she has to. Ah well! I'll have a mini update on the situation in tomorrow's post.
    All that to say, I deeply appreciate your feedback and suggestions for my dilemma and I completely agree! :)

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