Thursday, February 19, 2015

Matchy Matchy

Free People Hat
Knit Sweater (thrifted)
Winter Kate Shorts (ebay)
Boots (thrifted)
Ecote Bag

I told the dog that if she wants to keep photo bombing me, she need to color coordinate or something. (Actually if she's just not stand in the middle with her backside to the camera, tail held high.  She seems to think this is a dog fetish blog or something....) But now she's go a little bandana because what is cuter than a dog in a bandana?
Answer: dog in a princess dress and tiara.  Izzy loves dressing up Dakota and Dakota's such a sweet girl she lets Izzy put all sorts of outfits on her. There's a collection of pictures in the phone of her in different hats that Izzy took. (along with many, many feet selfies - Izzy really likes taking pictures of her own feet.)


  1. Izzy sounds like my kind of girl! :D The doggy is super bad ass with the bandana, all it needs is a motorcycle! :D

  2. This is like taken from winter fantasy story! Beautiful photos!

  3. you know i so want to see the dog dressed up pics. our dog looks to get in the middle of us whenever we hug, kiss. he's like i want attention too.

  4. I think Dakota needs a fashion post on here, because I want to see this tutu xD
    Bahaha, tha'ts great!
    Love your fair isle print sweater with the western hat and signature fringe bag. You look awesome Katie!

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