Monday, February 2, 2015

It's The Little Things

 Fred Meyer Hat and Mittens
Jacket (thrifted)

Isabel Marant for H&M c/o H&M
Free People Dress (ebay)
Seychelles Boots
Leather Bag (thrifted)

I've been wearing my Ecote boots so much I'd totally forgotten about this Seychelles pair!  They use to be my favorite pair, low heel, comfy for all da wear and they're just starting to get that worn in look. But I just started wearing my black boots all the time and these got pushed to the back of the closet - until today!

Little triumphs, it's all you can do after a week of -40 below zero.  Today, it is only -6 below and it feels tropical.


  1. Oh my god, these pics are so dreamy!!!

  2. amazing dress dear..
    i love these pics..

  3. The lighting in these photos is PERFECT! With that beautiful flow-y dress your look absolutely magical!

  4. I love how you styled this pretty floral maxi dress for winter with that brown leather jacket. They pair really nicely together!

    Jamie |

  5. You look so pretty, like you are blooming out of the snow. Gorgeous golden light, too!

  6. I swear, you write about the weather there just to get a reaction, don't you Katie? :b
    Lol oh yes, -6 degrees - sounds magical! ;) Haha, love your winter looks, and knowing about the cold you're facing makes it all the more impressive!
    That dress has rapidly become my favorite piece you own - it always makes a lovely statement!
    Aww, and thanks for the comment about my hair! It really has enhanced my look, I feel. I love it! It's already fading though, which makes me upset. Ugh, why hair, why??

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  7. Really the background and the dress colour were really awesome and especially the lightning has been beautifully captured in the image

  8. You are soooo beautiful! I can't even tell you enough how unique you look, such a gorgeous style you have.

    I'm so sorry it has been so cold. Wishing you a nice warm Spring - and soon! xxx


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