Saturday, February 21, 2015

In The Zone

Urban Outfitters Hat
Jones New York Wool and Leather Coat (thrifted)
Winter Kate Blouse (ebay)
Rag & Bone Jeans (ebay)
Free People Bag (gift)
Ecote Boots

More photo bombing but it's hard to say no to those cuties.  We had parent/teacher conferences this week and just to being a mushy-gushy mom for a moment, I'm pretty proud of those two muffins.  Izzy's been having a really great first year of school and has been working so hard in her class, she's such a sweetheart and is really caring bout everyone in her class.   Gunnar has also done so well this year, he started the year off a little apprehensive and un-sure of himself.  He was so shy at the start of the year and had a lot of difficulty with testing but we've been working hard at home, got him into a tutoring program and his teacher does such a good job working with him that he tested at the top of his class the last time around and got honors on his report card.  I know, it's only first grade but it was a really big jump from the beginning of the year and it's been so wonderful to see his confidence grow - he's doing so good with his math and reading!  I'm really proud of both of them!
Okay, mommy talk over, I promise.   Here's the Winter Kate blouse again, it's really turned into a favorite in my closet and I'm really happy with how well the embroidery has been holding up, no pulling at all!

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