Wednesday, January 7, 2015

To The Left Of Never

Fred Meyer Hat and Mittens
Herman Kay Coat (thrifted)
Wooly Work Shirt (gift)
Old Navy Tee
Free People Skirt
Fleece Lined Leggings
Dublin Leather Riding Boots (gift)
Spell Designs Bag (ebay)

Well, it's cold.  Hurray for -35F and the pipes still not freezing though!  Every single day that the pipes don't freeze is a good day although, after all the work we put into reinsulating them and burying them farther down, I'd hope they hold up a little better.
This shirt was a Christmas gift from my brother and his girlfriend two years ago and it is my favorite work shirt of all.  It's really thick and loose so I can layer and best off, when I throw it into the dryer it gets really fluffy.  It's one of those things that gets better with age and it's nice to throw on in the winter as an extra layer.  My Dublin boots are similar, they were a gift to replace my Ariat paddock boots I'd had for 15 years and they're really durable, I'm hard on my boots and so far I've only had to repair the lining.   I did try to replace my Airat boots and I'm really disappointed at how far down hill that brand went - most horse people will tell you they've had theirs for between 10-15 years and that they're the best boots ever.  Now, good luck getting 6 months of wear out of them. I wen through 5 pairs in two years, the seams would rip apart, the leather was thin, the zippers are terrible and rip apart after a little usage(which is NOT normal) - they're just really not what they use to be.  All the riders I know are moving away from the brand because they've had the same experiences with poor quality.  I suppose it might be more profitable for Arait to have their customers replacing their boots every few months rather than every 10 years but wow, lots of people are giving them up and going with the Dublin brand now.
TD;LR - it's cold, the pipes still work, best work shirt ever and Arait is no good. 


  1. hi dear, these pics are fab as usual

  2. Now that's more like my home town. Oi! Too cold. I seriously forgot how to dress for such weather (a dozen of years in a warmer climate will do that to you). I'm glad that pipes aren't frozen though - that's a big deal. We lived in a beach house (more like a cabin really) for 3 years here in the PNW, and one year pipes got frozen and burst in March! (and it was not even nearly as cold, but it lasted for a week which is unusual for this climate). Anyway, you look great as always! Keep yourself warm and cozy. It's great that you have all this firewood ready. xxx

  3. Negative 35....ugh. I have no words. You'd know what I'd say by now...
    Aha, but you still manage to look fabulous despite that abysmal weather! :)

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