Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Mighty Arms!

Burberry London Coat (thrifted)
Wool Sweater (thrifted)
Gap Jeans (thrifted)
Dublin Leather Barn Boots (gift)
Free People Bag (gift)

The temps took a drop here, after an unusually warm winter with most temps in the single digits it feels pretty chilly to have some -25 below zero weather.  I suppose it was finally time for me to start dressing like it's winter, however I'd forgotten that I shrunk this sweater!  It was a tragic day, I forgot to switch the washer from hot to cold water and I shrunk most of my cashmere and wool sweaters all in one go.  Izzy go most of the cashmere, seeing as it's now here size but for some reason I thought this sweater would still be okay - until I lifted my arms!  Woooah crop top! 
Figure flattery tip - make your hips look tiny by making your upper torso so large football players envy it.  Haha, I probably should not have worn a really bulky sweater under a really bulky coat but the cold hat gotten to my brain.  Oh well, next time.


  1. A cold snap is about to hit here too! It's been pretty warm so that got me excited for spring a bit too early..That stinks about your poor sweaters :(

  2. Holy crap that's cold! I hope you're staying warm. This coat certainly looks like it helps do the trick. That's so sad about your sweaters shrinking. It looks like a cute crop length though!

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  3. Oops, so sorry about the sweater. I haven't notice too much bulk - bulky, but in a good way, cozy and stylish! Can you believe that I don't own one cashmere sweater (or anything cashmere for that matter). They always bite with the price, and I just don't go there. Are they really THAT good? I guess I'll have to check it out for myself. :)

  4. Wow it is cold and I cannot believe you took your pictures outside...we are experiencing severe cold too :-(


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