Sunday, January 11, 2015

Keep On Waiting

Urban Outfitters Hat
AE Cardigan
Winter Kate Silk Blouse (ebay)
Rag and Bone Leather Pants (ebay)
Rag and Bone "Harrow" Boots (ebay)
Spell Designs Bag (ebay)

I think this Winter Kate is one of my new favorites, I'd been looking of a white, embroidered blouse that gave off a "cool" vibe when untucked and while I'm about as uncool as they come, the blouse is at least pretty!   For some reason tops are the hardest things for me to buy, I get ideas of exactly what I want and then never find it and just wear whatever I have.   This blouse is one of those few things that was exactly what I was picturing and I'm really happy about that. (I really have no idea if that sentence makes sense to anyone but me.  TD;LR  blouses  are hard to buy because I can never find exactly what I want so I settle.)


  1. Really looks amazing on you! Love the quality of Winter Kate pieces and it's a shame the line closed down. Writing this, I decided NOT to close down the blog, as I would miss you all too much! Blogging is a too big thing for me and emphasizes too many aspects of my life that are fab! So come back to my blog, a new outfit post is up, too!

  2. Love this mix of red and gray. Those leather pants look so good on you! I have a hard time finding blouses I really like and wear too. I feel like I have so many more skirts and pants than tops! I'm glad you found a blouse you really love! It's very cute.

    Jamie |

  3. Ugh, I have the same issues with tops! I always end up buying sweaters and weird stuff that I would never wear. >.<
    Love this outfit, the cardigan makes everything look so cozy!


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