Thursday, January 22, 2015

Holy Slick Roads Batman!

Urban Outfitters Hat
BCBG Coat (consignment)
Winter Kate Kimono (ebay)
Old Navy Long Sleeve Tee
James Jeans (thrifted)
Cleobella Bag
Ecote Boots

The roads have ben pretty awful for the [past two days, we've had such an easy winter with so little ice that it's ben easy going.  It frosted over pretty badly the other night though and it's been scary every time I've ventured out on them.   Going to work I just missed getting hit by a driver who'd lost control on a corner, he started spinning and crossed over into the ditch right in front of me.  I managed to dodge into a driveway but man, it was really scary for a moment.  That same spot just had a double fatality a few weeks ago and it was the same thing, losing control on that corner and spinning across into the other lane.  Luckily the people in the other car were ok, we were almost mostly just terrified but thankful that we'd avoided a collision.  (Man, I'm glad I drive slow, if I'd been going the speed limit there's no way I could have made it into that driveway.)

Slick roads aside, we suppose to finally be getting our winter weather.  It's been so easy this year, it's like having a nice, easy Anchorage winter. (Well, minus Anchorage's ice.  And freezing rain.  And wind storms.  But other than that....)  But it's suppose to dip down to possibly -45 below zero and stay there for a few days.  Its been so warm lately that I'm not ready for the cold!  I feel so weak and unprepared, haha, I haven't gotten acclimated to the cold this winter! Anyways, it's a round about way of saying I'm gonna wear my fun stuff before the cold hits.  Romy over at Hippy At Heart has this same kimono but in white - it's one of her signature items!  A seller on ebay was getting rid of a lot of her Winter Kate items and the bidding was really low on quite a few of them, I ended up getting three items for under $70 which is freakishly good!  This kimono was one of them, usually it goes for around $150-ish on ebay so it was quite the good deal and I think it's one of the most flattering kimonos in my collection. It's so pretty!  This was actually a work outfit, I was just dealing with clients today so I got to dress a little cute. (Although I swapped out the boots for inside moccasins.)  I think I've learned not the cuff my jeans though, it looks so great on those 5'11 glamazons, not so much on short me.


  1. Oh my god, what an amazing deal for that beauty!! I love winter kate kimonos, you know I do, and you look stunning in this one!!

  2. Oh what a great deal! I love it, such a pretty shape and looks great against the snowy landscape! Lally X

  3. Oh gosh, be careful Katie! That sounds glad you're safe and that you're a slow driver...I hear you. When it gets icy outside, I drive incredibly slow and I don't even care when people go roaring past all impatiently. I'd rather live.
    Anyway, drive safely!!
    Love this outfit you're wearing here - that feather print kimono is sheer gorgeousness!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries


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