Saturday, January 24, 2015


Free People Hat (gift)
Silk Scarf, Leather Belt and Herman Kay Coat (thrifted)
Free People Dress
Carlos Boots
Cloebella Bag

I know, me and the hats.  It's getting so it doesn't feel like an outfit unless it's got a hat.

Man, has it been moosey around here lately.  We went for a few weeks of seeng no moose and over the past week there's been three little cows hanging around, we see them at least once everyday.  This whole area around the back fence line was covered with moose tracks.


  1. really a great look, the coat is amazing!

  2. You look great in hats! I love the print of the dress :)

  3. Ahh, there's Katie in her black outfit! Haha, I love it though. The pops of brown and your red lipstick really perk it up and make it look so good. And agreed, some days I just feel like an outfit isn't complete without a hat. Now that I live in Boise, it's less windy, so it's way too easy to just pop one on! :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Soooo, is the growing amount of moose a good thing or a bad thing? :D
    And I wish I could wear hats like you do, I just don't have the habit for it but I think it's so pretty!


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