Wednesday, January 28, 2015

But They're Cute!


Free People Hat and Necklace
BCBG Coat (consignment)
LLBean Sweater (thifted)
Current/Elliot Leather Pants (ebay)
Rampage Boots
Pendelton Bag

For as light of a winter as we've been having this year, I sure am working the mittens into a lot of outfits.  It could be that I'm finally sick of freezing my fingers off for pictures or mittens are suddenly super fashionable!

It could happen.  Just look at Sorrels.  They're "eh" winter boots, they get sopping wet in just a little bit of slush, they're not warm enough for anything colder than -25 below and those liners are the biggest pain.  You have to pull them out put them in front of the fire every time you wear them because, aforementioned not being very water resistant, and the liners warp and are awful to shove back in.    I know, I have alllll the feelings about Sorrels.  I wore them for years and years when we lived in Seward and once I discovered Boggs and bunny boots, there was no going back.  (Sorrels are cute, I'll give them that - it's probably the only reason they're considered fashionable winter boots.)  My Boggs boots are finally starting to die, the dog chewed off one of the pull on handle and there's tiny holes, making them not so water proof. (I found that out this summer when we were pumping out the horse paddock.  I was the lucky one who had to anchor down the end of the hose in the paddock and let me tell you, there was quite a few "nuggets" floating around.  It's a good thing I like horses or that might have been gross.)

Anyways, I need to buy new boots.  I've been looking at a few different brands, mostly Muck Boots which re similar to Bogs and Stegers which are ADOREABLE.  The Stegers all of a sudden got quite popular here in Fairbanks and they are just so stinkin' cute I want them.  However, I think I'm just going to buy another pair of Bogs.  They're hands down the best boots I've ever had, somehow my feet stay warm with only one pair of socks in -50 below(even though there's no liners for the boots) they work for every season as I've work them to muck out paddocks in the middle of summer and they are soooo comfortable.  I don't know what it is about Bogs but they just mold to fit your foot, they have fabulous ankle support and the pads are so cushy.  It's like, why mess with perfection?  They may only be "Alaskan" cute but they're more practical than the Stegers.  sigh. -   I have the farm boots and they're perfect, they're about $130 but I've found them at both Fred Meyers and Sportsmens for far cheaper.  

 Steger -  I have no experience with these boots but everyone keeps telling me how awesome these boots are. (And they're cute!)  They're more at $170 and they're not as all weather as the Bogs.
*These are not affiliate links, I just like talking about boots. 


  1. Both of those are really cute! All the boots I own seem to have that same leaky problem, not very practical at all!

  2. Bahaha "I just like talking about boots."
    I feel ya girl. I like talking about shoes. Or clothes. Fashion in general, really....sigh
    Anyway, glad to hear about Sorels! I've been curious about them for a while, but I think I'll avoid them if I want a practical weather boot now. They're definitely cute though!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

    1. Sorels are ok if you have really dry snow but I hate them when it comes to wet snow or slush, water always gets into the liners and wet feet are so dangerous in the winter. They do have a few newer styles that are taller and waterproof but they seem a little more fashiony than functional. They are realllly cute though, I see why people like them.


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