Saturday, December 13, 2014

Short Problems

Urban Outfitters Hat
Dolce & Gabbana Dress (thrifted)
Leather Belt and Coat (thrifted)
Cleobella Bag
Ecote Boots

This dress is still one of my best thrifting find, it's such a beautiful dress that it's stayed through all of the closet clean out even though I haven't worn it very often.  I think part of the problem is the length, I'm pretty short and this length always feels awkward to me.   I love the midi look however and height-flattery be damned, I'm gonna wear it!  (So brave, much shorty angst.)
Unfortunately this leather jacket is really starting to show it's age, I think it may be on it's last legs. 


  1. This purse has been a great addition to your wardrobe - it goes with everything you wear so nicely! Great shades of color here - haha, I'm not used to it! :P

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. I love the dress, I'm quite short too so for this sort of length I use higher heels...platforms and chunky heels, not those skanky heels that could straight up murder you!

  3. Great look love the dress and the hat ;)

  4. I love those two shades together!

  5. Beautiful dress! I think that sometimes you just need to wear what you love and never mind if it's conventionally flattering ... if you love it, you'll look and feel good in it. As a fellow shorty, I like that length too - it always feels so ladylike to me! Those colors are beautiful together - they remind me of a desert somehow.

  6. I understand feeling awkward in midi lengths. They seem to work best on me with heels but it really depends on where exactly the hem ends. Sometimes an inch can make such a difference. I don't think this looks bad on you though! You look very cute!

    Jamie |


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