Monday, December 1, 2014

I Feel Like This Has Happened Before

Urban Outfitters Hat and Bag
Forever21 Jacket (thrifted)
Gap Shirt (thrifted)
Free People Slip (ebay)
Old Navy Leggings
Carlos Boots
Oscar de la Renta Silk Scarf(thrifted)

I.....get photobombed a lot.   

Jack doesn't really like wandering around in the cold and prefers sleeping on the couch but Dakota is an outside dog.  She's got really thick fur and good pads so she doesn't really need booties, she just likes staying outside for hours.  I just found out yesterday from our neighbors that she apparently walks them home almost every single night.  That little stinker!  I am really happy that she's so friendly and apparently thinks everyone along the road is her family, she's starting walking down to visit my brother and his corgi and plays for hours. (For awesomeness, this corgi's name is Odin.  His head is huge and his legs are so little!)

Anyways, dogs, they be funny.  And so, so cuddly.  Cats are their own kind of cuddly, the aforementioned brother and his girlfriend also have a little kitten and it sleeps on his face.


  1. I LOVE that first picture, it's perfect! That's cute your dog goes and visits her friend, haha.

  2. I'd be scared shitless if a big, black dog walks me home :D But I have a phobia of dogs. One time a dog started barking and chasing me, and thus, my fear was born! :D But I bet I'd love your doggy if I see it in person and if it's half as cool as you :D
    Adore the layering in this outfit, so much win! ^_^

  3. yes, but i'm so glad you showed us your doggie what a cutie pie. i adore it. i bet yours don't climb on the coffee table like mine does. he's a challenge, but i love him to pieces. now let's talk about the leather jacket with the denim, layered top, scarf hat, & your blue eyes color pop rock with the red lipstick. i give it an A+.


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