Monday, December 22, 2014


Hat (thrifted)
Sheinside Coat (gift)
DL Shirt (consignment)
Winter Kate Silk Shorts (ebay)
Woven Bag (thrifted)
Carlos Boots
Scarf (gift)

I guess I just felt like wearing this coat all week.  At the beginning of winter I'd thought about donating it just because I wasn't sure about working it into my wardrobe but because it was a gift from Ev, I kept it.  I don't like getting rid of things people give me, I feel like such a jerk then and he spent a lot of time finding a dupe for the Zara coat I'd been looking at.  I didn't even realize at the time that he'd known I was looking at it so it was so sweet and thoughtful on his part.   The coat isn't the best quality (nor the warmest - it was about 20 degrees when I wore it and it's not good for anything under that)  and after the trouble he had with shipping I'm pretty sure I'd never order anything from Sheinside.   I've been wearing this coat so much that it's earned it's spot in the closet, along with these shorts!  I found them on ebay for super cheap and I just love them!  I really wanted to get a cute, loose pair of shorts this summer that were not denim but I didn't really have any luck finding something I like.  These popped up in an ebay shop I watch and I just love that they're long enough that I don't feel like I'm flashing people but they also have a really cute, lingerie feel to them. 

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  1. Worst thing about Chinese coats is that they're fucking THIN! Still, if you consider the low price, I think it's fair, but at least don't label it as a WINTER coat >.< I love the pretty outfit, the red scarf is magic!


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