Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day

Free People Hat
Scarf (gift)
AE Jacket
Free People Dress (ebay)
Ecote Bag
Leather Boots (gift)

Hi everyone!  I hope everyone had a nice day.  Everyone in our family plus two of my brothers' girlfriends spent the day together, playing card games, eating a ton of food and while the boys went out and tested Ev's new shotgun, my brother's girlfriends, the kids and I all went to visit mom at the assisted living home she works at.  She made some really beautiful cookies the night before for everyone so we took a few for the residents to enjoy, helped mom out for a little while and visited with everyone. 
We ended the night eating more and watching Christmas movies.  It was really nice getting to spend time with everyone, we do try together fairly often and have dinner but Christmas is always a nice excuse for it.  It was so warm outside that the guys actually had fun doing their target practice shooting, most years it's so cold with temps hanging out between -20 to -50 below zero F so it was pretty pleasant this year.  Next year we're going to try to make it down to Anchorage for Christmas with Ev's family, we've always spent Christmas up in Fairbanks but that's not really fair to them.  I had committed to watching a neighbor's horses this year so it was  possible but next year should be pretty fun!  It was nice getting to spend Christmas this year with my two brothers' significant others, they're such sweet young women who are so funny and awesome that's it's really enjoyable getting to hang out with them. (My brothers have good taste!)
Merry Christmas and Happy New Years everyone!


  1. Beautiful dress beautifully styled! The first photo is magical. I am really glad that I found your blog - you have such a unique take on style, and I truly enjoy seeing your outfits in the gorgeous Alaskan surroundings. Happy holidays!

  2. That dress is beautiful! I love the twirly shots! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas :)


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