Saturday, December 20, 2014

Change Of Scenery

Hat (thrifted)
Scarf (gift)
Sheinside Coat (gift)
Plenty by Tracy Resse Silk Dress (gift)
Cleobella x Urban Outfitters Bag
Ecote Boots

I also feel so strange taking pictures in town, it's quite a change of pace from taking them out in the backyard!  (So much awkward.)  Fairbanks really can be such pretty a pretty town though, I need to do a better job of showing it off.  This is down across from the downtown Plaza and Courthouse, you've seen me take pictures here before but it's such a pretty place, it's hard to resist.  Usually the Christmas lights are in full force by this time but they hadn't quite gotten all of the decoration up yet. Eventually 'll have to get pictures of it because it's quite picturesque in the dark. 


  1. lovely winter look...
    love the dress

  2. Beautiful winter look and I like the background :)

  3. I love it when cities decorate for Christmas, it's so festive and pretty!


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