Friday, November 14, 2014


Urban Outfitters Hat and Kimono
Embroidered Vest (thrifted)
American Eagle Tank and Jeans
Cleobella Bag
Ecote Boots

This not exactly what I ordered.  A pretty kimono had gone to really good clearance on the Urban Outfitters Website for under $10 and I was really excited about it, it was this pretty soft pink and looked like it draped really nice.  So almost three weeks later, this showed up.  It's not the kimono I had ordered.  But when I got ahold of them, the kimono I'd ordered had sold out(even though I'd paid for it already) and I guess this was what I got instead.  It's a little irritating but I do like the Sari inspired look and the colors work with my other clothes so it's okay.   Life's too short to grouch (maybe just a little) about stuff that doesn't really matter.

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  1. That's annoying you didn't get the one you had wanted, but I think this one is still pretty! :)


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