Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lonesome Rider Ride Home

Urban Outfitters Hat
AE Coat
Gap Shirt (thrifted)
Tee Shirt (thrifted)
JBrand Jeans (ebay)
Fergie Boots (Christmas gift)
Spell Designs Bag (ebay)

I have an iratating habit of once I find music I really like, I listen to it non stop.  As in, it's all I play for the next five months.  I mention this because I discovered Volbeat and they're about all I've listen to for the past two months.  Ev got so sick of me listening their Gentlemen & Shady Ladies cd that he bought another one just so he'd have something else to listen to.   I'd feel guilty but all he listens to his Johnny Cash cds, so yeah, fair play.   

My favorite song of theirs is Lonesome Rider(of the Gentlemen & Shady Ladies CD) it's just pretty much all kinds of awesome.  Obviously I would make an amazing music critic because that is just so in depth.


  1. Bahaha, I'm so glad you've found Volbeat - they're one of my favorites! What makes me mad is that they were in a nearby city this summer, and I wasn't able to go...sigh.
    Next time!
    Anyway, love your outfit here Katie. Your coat is always perfect. Great olive green skinnies, and boots too!
    Thanks for sharing the song. I dig it :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. Hahhaa, awesome song, I've never listened to these guys! I'm the same, I keep pushing the repeat button until I hate the song...:D
    Love the layering in here, you're a pro! ^^

  3. I do that with bands I discover too. It's okay!
    The layering here is fantastic. I really love that blazer and the pattern on it. You look great!

    Jamie |


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