Monday, November 17, 2014

Function Wins

Wool Hat
AE Scarf
Old Navy Parka and Long Sleeve
H&M Cardigan (thrifted)
JBrand Jeans (ebay)
Fergie Boots (Christmas gift)
Ecote Bag

I realize this isn't really that interesting of an outfit, it's a whole lotta green and brown.  But it is a pretty practical outfit, these boots were a gift from my mom last year and for being PVC, they're really awesome, easy to stand in all day and they have the whole "half chaps over paddock boots" look going on.  

And that's about all I can say, I was warm and comfortable.    Woooo, winter dressing!    I actually can't complain, it's been pretty decent fo it being the middle November.  We only have about an inch of snow pack though so I'm really hoping we get a ton of snow before the temps really drop.  If there's no snow insulating the ground, the pipes are going to freeze and break and I'd like to have running water through out the entire winter.  My brother got the electrically hooked up to his house, he worked this whole summer on building it and finally got the inspector out t authorize the hookup.  His girlfriend and he were so excited about being able to slip on the light switch and tada, light!  They're in the same boat we were in last winter though, their well isn't drilled yet so they have to haul  all of their water and that's just not that much fun.  You forget how amazing it is to turn the handle and take a shower any time you want.

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  1. I wish you could post more about your Alaskan life, it's like you're living on a different planet :D
    Love the green parka, yay for Winter dressing, all I've been wearing lately is my Vero Moda parka and combat boots...


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