Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ride The Wind

Free People Hat
Spell Designs Kimono
AE Tank (I applogize, you can see my thermal tank under it. Yay winter layering!)
JBrand Maria Jeans (ebay)
Ecote Boots
Woven Bag (thrifted)

I blame the lovely EmmettKatharine and Romy for exposing me to Spell Designs(Or Spell and The Gypsy, I don't really understand the duo name thing they have going on.) an Australian clothing line that makes some amazing kimonos. I've been looking for a Spell Kimono that was reasonable in price for a while now and I was really excited when this one went for sale on their site. It's sold out now but it's one of those items I'm really happy that I did have money set aside for, it's beautiful!


  1. Really an amazing piece!

    Well, I just buy the things I love as long as I can afford them - even if a Mexican dress costs $100. I bought mine actually for $30 and this was big luck. We don't have any thrift stores over here and even if we would have they never would sell beauties like these.

  2. Ooh, yo got a very good deal on your dress! I'm amazed at the beautiful vintage items you find, you have a very keen eye for it! I am terriable at finding vintage online, unless I can try it on I can't visualize how it will look at all but you always find such beautiful things and work them into your closet so perfectly.

    1. Ah, I see! Well, no no good tips at all haha, expect of try and error! Recently, I bought a blouse that was sold as vintage to me but was a repro, but I got a good partly refund! I myself do have troubles not to shop online. I enjoy having time to think about whether an item is a keeper or if I better send it back to the store. That's impossible in regular shops in the town. I guess online shopping is sometimes a good way to prevent impulse buys. xx

  3. It's such a pretty kimono! I love how the red really stands out against the bright snow. Your pictures have me really excited for snow..

  4. is this post title the song title on my fave song by the 80's hairband poison? i'm amazed by all that alaskan snow this time of year. ok now to the outfit. katie, your accessories have inspired me to go searching in my jewelry box, pull out my black studded felt hat, or maybe i should wear the dream catcher jewelry i just bought in oklahoma last week on our road trip. hmmmm. wait... maybe i need to pull out my black crocheted shawl too. like i said i'm inspired by this outfit. if only it were colder here like yesterday when i got to finally wear pants. today it was back to 84 degrees & shorts with sandals.

  5. I feel like every time I see you rocking a kimono I need to start singing "Bow Down" by Beyonce, because you are the QUEEN of kimonos. Your collection just can't be matched.
    Haha, and this stunning Spell Designs kimono is the crown jewel so far in my opinion though. Holy cow. My jaw dropped when I saw it <3

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