Monday, October 20, 2014

Live For Today

Urban Outfitters Hat and Bag
Ecote Kimono
Joie silk Blouse (gift)
7FAM jeans (consignment)
Doc Martens (thrifted)

I'm trying to extend the wear of my kimonos into winter by layering cardigans under them, the temps are still fairly warm but I know once that first bout of -20 below hits, I'm not going to feel very motivated to layer them. Winter dressing can be a little depressing, I know in years past I've sucked it up and worn some stuff that wasn't very practical.

These Docs are one of my favorite pairs of winter shoes, I can wear wool socks with them and they have really thick trends so they get some traction on the ice.  Because nothing says cool like falling on your face or ice cleats.  

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  1. Pretty photos! I know I always end up getting stuck in what I call my "winter uniform", hopefully this year I can manage to be a bit more creative!


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