Saturday, October 4, 2014

Cats and Dogs

Urban Outfitters Hat
BCBG Coat (consignment)
Ecote Bag
Victoria by Victoria Beckham Silk Dress (consignment)
Steve Madden Heels

That photobomber is Dakota, a Lab/German Shepard mix we adopted a few months ago.  Ev and I have ben talking about getting another dog for about five years but the timing has never really been good.  Then this summer I saw Dokota's picture on the board at the local feed store and the next day she came home. (It was her eyes, she has the sweetest brown eyes and is just a big snuggle bug of cuteness and land shark.)  This is the only picture I've ever gotten of her that was actually in focus, she's only eight months old so she's just non stop all of the time.  She gets along with Jack really well, she's such a chicken that the old Jack Russell is completely the boss of her.  It's nice for Ev to have a more active dog, she goes out with him into the woods all the time while Jack prefers his pillow next to the stove.  (Or the couch.  Or the bed.  Pretty much anywhere.)


  1. Dakota reminds me of Tommi, a dog my grandparents once had. and of course it's wonderful your family adopted her :) I'm sure she's one happy "little" puppy! oh and your dress has to be the cutest I've seen in months. it's just brilliant! how have you been by the way? :) haven't seen you around anymore..

    Part of me

  2. The dog is cute and all, but can we take the time to talk about that rad coat of yours!!! :D Haha, it's so awesome! Okay, back to the dog, I need more photos of her!

  3. I love that dress so much! I also love how it peeps out of the black coat as a pop of color. Dakota looks like a cute pup!


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