Wednesday, October 8, 2014

After And Before

 Vivienne Westwood Jacket, old navy tee, AE jeans

 Jones Wool coat, Gap shirt, 7fam jeans


It's a two for one today!  (So, so exciting.)  It's mostly because I'm lazy but it's interesting to see how fast everything changes in a day. The last pictures were take the day before the snow fell and the only constant in the pictures is same location, black jeans and a really cute puppy.  She likes to photobomb.

Dakota says: I modelz!


  1. Really amazing how fast nature makes its changes! love your look!

  2. Wow! That is a massive change from one day to the next. Both scenes are beautiful in their own way, though.

    And I like Dakota photobombs :-) The pup's a cutie!

  3. Only in Alaska! :D That's a huge difference! :D Love both outfits especially the cool blazer on the second oune, and the puppyyy!!!!

  4. It's amazing how snow can transform a landscape! Around here the weather likes to do the opposite, it will snow one day, and then the next it will be like 70 degrees and everyone is wearing flip flops in the melting snow. I love your blazer!

  5. oh dakota you are a delight & model fantastically just like katie. that's a dramatic weather change & glorious to see meaning i'm glad i'm not standing there freezing in it. i do admire you.


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