Saturday, September 6, 2014

They Said Help Is On The Way

 Free People Ha
American Eagle Outfitters Top, Jeans and Coat
Vintage Necklace
Coach Bag (thrifted)
Doc Martens (gift)

It's been a week, we've had a few decent earthquakes (although I didn't even feel the big one, whoops) and a storm that did some damage to our roof. We managed to get it patched up before Ev headed out for the hunting trip, he's going with my dad and brothers and hopefully they'll bring back a few caribou and a moose!  We got a meat cuber and man, there is nothing better than cubed moose stake.  Unless it's moose burger which if you've only had beef burger, you have no idea what kind of amazing levels of taste nirvana you're missing out on.  It has a very robust flavor and is so delicious you can just fry it up and not even put salt on it.  (This is saying a lot because I eat way more salt than I should.)


  1. Now I want a moose burger... damn you! I've never had one!
    Whoa, you guys have no rest there, I would have packed my shit and left as soon as the big earthquake hit...we don't take earthquakes so well here :D
    Love the cutesy bag and coat, and the necklace is surreal!

  2. moose burger, can't say I've ever had one! There are no moose around here, only deer so moose meat isn't something that's common. Earthquakes sound pretty scary even if you didn't feel it. Love the doc martins and that song (rise against), clever post title!

  3. That's scary about the earthquakes! We had one here a few years ago and I was kind of disappointed because I didn't feel it but everyone else was talking about it. Haha


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