Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Seasons Come And Seasons Go

Urban Outfitters Hat
Valentina Leather Bag (thrifted)
Leather Jacket (thrifted)
Blouse c/o H&M (last year)
JBrand Maria Pants (ebay)
Carlos Heels

I mentioned wanting to trade up on my AE high waisted black pants and it seemed like JBrand Maria's were kind of everyone's "go to" for that.  I found a really cheap pair on ebay that just needed a tiny repair and after fixing them, I do think they're better than the AE pair.  They are not a denim however but more like an actual pair of pants, this is a little disappointing because I wanted a thicker material to kinda hold everything in.  These pants wrinkle a lot through the stomach area, causing it to look like there's a serious fupa situation going on!  They are soft and comfy though, I suppose that might make up for it.   I think I'm going to keep searching for a really good pair of high waisted jeans but right  now I think I'll be okay with these and my Sevens, my AE jeans will be swapped out for a pair of work pants that just bit the dust.

Oh, and I'm sorry guys.  You all were so sweet and told me not to touch the scissors and I didn't listen.  I didn't do a great job on the bangs but they make me feel a little better for the grow out right now. 


  1. what fab shoots such an amazing setting!

  2. I hate pants that wrinkle through the stomach area, I'm skinny as a skeletor, but pants that wrinkle up there make me look like a walrus! I don't see what's the wrinkle problem with your pair though, you look hot as hell! :D I love your leather jacket to death! And btw, I like the copped off version of the pixie too! Wish I could chop off my hair skilfully like you, and not like a mentally deranged raccoon!

  3. Ooh such a pretty photoshoot, I love seeing the landscape changing from summer to autumn. I think your hair looks great!


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