Saturday, September 13, 2014

On The Flip Side


Free People Hat
Old Navy Dress (birthday present)
American Eagle Outfitters Belt
Prozena Schoulder Tote (consignment)
MIA2 Sandals

THE HAIR.  I am so close to just chopping it all back off again, it's at another "stage of awful" and when I went to get it trimmed, I ended up with the soccer mom bob.   (I even had pictures of what I wanted!  SOB.)  I tried to trim it up a little and fix it's bad.   Oh well, I've been pretty lucky that I've never really gotten a bad hair cut before this so I was probably due.   It's a good thing I like hats because now I have a really good excuse for wearing them.


  1. Aw I don't think your hair looks bad at all. This is a cute bob! It'll grow more in no time though.
    Also this dress looks gorgeous on you. I love the print on it!

    Jamie |

  2. Noooooooo! Haha, that's got to be my worst fear - getting a bad haircut. I've had that situation with my bangs before, and ugh, that's such a pain.
    The great thing is, hair grows. With time (bleh), everything gets better! :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. i absolutely love this look. the hat is amazing! xx sylvie

  4. Bahaha, welcome to my world! :D My growing out phase was so sad I didn't want to go out, I looked like MacGyver for God's sake! Don't worry, it WILL get better! Do not chop it off, I repeat, do not chop it off :D

  5. Step away from the scissors! LOL Growing out hair is frustrating but it will be worth it! I'm trying to grow my bangs out now and I had to have my bf hide the scissors! :)


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