Monday, September 1, 2014

Into the Sun We Go

Jaxon Hat (thrifted)
Forever21 Dress (thrifted)
Leather Bag (thrifted)
Dolce Vita Heels (ebay)

Happy Labor Day!  Ironically most of us work on Labor day but hey, a paycheck is a paycheck.   We were thinking about one last bbq but the season ends but brrr, it's cold!   I realize in normal parts of he world it's still considered summer until some ungodly date(like Sept.22 - hahhhaaa!) but it's definitely fall up here.  The leaves are turning, it's been under 30 degrees at night, the first hard frosts have it and everyone's walking around with a look of impending doom.

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  1. That does seem a bit too chilly for a cookout. I must say I am a liiiitle envious of your cool weather, it was in the 90s here yesterday! Your photos look warm and sunny though :)


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