Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Time Keeps On Slippin

Hat (thrifted)
Lookbook Kimono (gift from my sister)
American Eagle Outfitters Tank, Belt and Bag
Old Navy Shorts
Curfew Sandals

It's almost school time!  The kids head off tomorrow for their first day, Gunnar's going into first grand and Izzy's starting Kindergarten.   I know, I feel old now, they're getting all grown up.    Their school is pretty small which is wonderful, everyone already know Izzy just from seeing her and me picking up Gunnar everyday and it makes her feel pretty comfortable about the whole thing.

Man, I just am not ready for them to be so big already!  We had such a fun summer doing stuff, they're at the age where it's a lot easier to get out and go do things and they're so excited about everything that it gets me excited as well.  It's fun to see the world through a kids eyes again, you just sorta forget about how cool everything can be.


  1. I'm totally with you - but I bet you'll be so proud of them when they bring their first results! You look amazing hun, will feature you on my blog soon!

  2. Ooh I love the kimono! Such a pretty color. Hope the kids have a good first day at school!

  3. Beautiful kimono! Wow, I can't believe school is about to start though!

  4. Your kimono is super pretty, I really love that gorgeous pale green colour.


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