Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Leaves Turn Brown

Free People Hat and Bag (Birthday gift)
American Eagle Outfitters Kimono
Winter Kate Silk Dress (thrifted)
Jeffery Campbell Boots

It's been warm enough lately that I've been trying to wear this beautiful dress a bunch, it's just not quite the same with all of the winter layers piled on top.  As much as I love this dress, I'm a little bummed out about these boots and my birthday purse.  The bag is falling apart with the threads holding the plates coming apart, I've had to resew almost all of them and for only having it for a month, that seems a little silly. (Heh, Ev did say it was the cheapest bag on Free People which I get, some of those bags are insanely expensive!  I appreciate the thought behind it enough that I don't really mind repairing it though.)   I got these boots back when they went on a super sale at Urban Outfitters and since then, two wears later, I've scraped the leather on the toe and it's white under the leather!  It's like I just took the color right off and since then I've notice the leather is not wearing well, I think it's a pair of boots that just is not going to look great after a winter of solid wear.  Which yeah, they wear under $30 but still....


  1. This dresssss *_*
    Yeah, the third to last shot really showed off its beauty without the layers, but hey, layering is a necessity! Aha, and you worked with them quite well.
    I like to window shop Free People, but even their most discounted items make me hesitate...haha

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. Really love the winter kate dress and your shoots are amazing!

  3. This bag is from Free People? No wonder it's so cool! I would have to sell a liver to buy something from there! :D
    Sorry it broke apart, maybe the quality ain't that good there!
    I love the dress, it's so sexy! And that necklace is the perfect jewel to top it off!

  4. Yeah that dress is pretty darn magical!
    I've had a pair of black boots for over two years and they look terrible because the fake leather is all worn away and you can see the white underneath. I am really sad about eventually parting with them.


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