Friday, August 8, 2014


BCBGeneration Coat (consignment)
J.Crew Cardigan (thrifted and not really pictured, it's just a plain gray one)
Sears Tank
Seven For All Mankind Jeans (consignment)
Madden Girl Boots
Pendleton Bag (consignment)

I guess that as an outfit blogger, one should never let a good mist go to waste. (Or something like that.) It burnt off right after taking these pictures and we ended up with a beautiful day which hey, I'll take that. I ended up not needing the coat after the sun came out but it was a little chilly until then.  Layers - apparently they're practical!

Hah, I'm an idiot and spelled that piratical and that sounded really awesome until the memory of those awesome movies came back to mind.  They did a great job of making sure Johnny Deep could never do a different role after that. (Mostly because I really liked Chocolate, I know, but he was sooo good looking in it, back when he didn't look like a 50 year old hipster perv.)


  1. Haha, "as an outfit blogger, one should never let a good mist go to waste (or something like that)" That is... funny, but kind of true :p Anyways, I just love these photos! Could be the mist. I'm a bit jealous of that coat too--I love the military look to it. This might be my favorite outfit on the blog!

  2. Haha, that's right, you take advantage of that mist! I went camping a couple days ago and was completely enamoured by the fog and mist we encountered. It adds such a mystical and enchanting feel to photos. Eerie in a beautiful way :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. These are beautiful! I love the spider web photo!

  4. You captured the mist so well! The end results are very cool.


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