Wednesday, August 13, 2014


American Eagle Outfitters Tee
Levis (thrifted)
Colin Stuart Lace Up sandals (thrifted_
Leather Bag (thrifted)

You know from the last post that these are the most uncomfortable sandals in just about forever and that I was stupid enough to buy them at the thrift store.  Ugh, I'm pissed at myself for doing that, they weren't bad for trying on but after wearing them all day, I ended up with a gigantic blister in-between my toes.  Evil, evil tong sandals, back to the gates of hell ye go! (Or donated right back to the thrift store.)

This is the 66 Mustang, Dad was cleaning out the yard at their house and the Mustang is over so we can put it into storage.  Sadly, the keys were not left with it. (That was probably smart because as soon as my brother got home and saw the Mustang, he started looking for the keys.  I knew they weren't there because I'd already looked.)  


  1. Oh yeah. I tend to gravitate away from sandals that go between my toes too. They're just not comfortable! It's sad about that pair you thrifted though. They look really cool!

    Jamie |

  2. Oh, the sandals sound horrific, but the mustang ist woooowwww! You look great!


  3. Woah you look so classic, n so great


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