Thursday, August 7, 2014

Karma Loves A Thrifted Dress

Hat (thrifted)
Icing Vest (Christmas gift)
Winter Kate Vintage Silk Dress (thrifted)
Minnetonka Leather Sandals (thrifted)
Pendleton Bag (consignment)

The elusive Winter Kate dress that I blogged about, way back in January I think?  It was such a crazy thrifting find, I'd been looking at it on ebay for over three months and kept losing bidding wars on it and then when I was in the thrift store, I saw this pattern, though "naaa, that's be crazy" picked up the dress and just about lost it when I saw the label and the actual dress.  Crazy kinda luck, that's what that was.  It happens every now and then at the thrift store but after I found this dress there was quite a drought of decent stuff to be found.  It was also cheap, just under four dollars which is really crazy when the thrift store marks up cheap Target crap for more than retail.  What's up with that?
Actually, I don't care, keep pricing that awesome silk stuff cheap and marking up the Target and Forever21 stuff.   Back on track, I've wore this dress quite a bit since then, it is just cut so beautiful and flutters when I walk but man, every picture I tried to take during the winter and spring looked like garbage.


  1. Man, seriously? What kind of a luck is that! You should have totally tried buying a lottery ticket! :D I love the dress and especially like the bohemian jewelry, that ring is gorgeous!

  2. That's some amazing luck right there! It's a beautiful dress.

  3. it just shows that they (those thrift store price people), don't know jack about fashion. so lucky for you. i'd say major thrifting karma on the winter kate, shoes, & hat too. the vest ties the necklaces, ring, bag & coat all together. i dig it all!

  4. It's a great thing that you ended up with such a wonderful dress! It's glorious

  5. That is amazing! This dress is gorgeous and it found it's way to the right home!


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