Sunday, August 10, 2014

In the Summer

Hat (thrifted)
Forever21 Dress (thrifted)
Salvatore Ferramago Bag (thrifted)
Dolce Vita Heels

And here I was just talking smack about thrifting Forever21 dress and what did I do?  I thrifted one, that's what I did! (And apparently believe in using thrift as a verb or something.  So English, much learn, very punctuation.)   I really, really, really like this dress though and it was one of the few time a F21 dress was actually prices reasonably (so under $5) and I like orange on me way better now that I'm no longer a redhead.  Although I miss the red and I keep thinking about going back to it.

So yeah, tights as well!  It's cold in the mornings and hot in the evenings or it's hot in the mornings and cold in the evening.  At least with tights I can take them on and off but it would be nice if we maybe got another two months before it's tights time for reals.


  1. I love the print on the dress, but it's that kimono that has me drooling; it's gorgeous!

  2. Haha, hey now, thrift is totally a verb! I use it all the time like it is at least...
    Anyway, despite our wariness of F21, it's hard not to succumb to their trends. I'm just lucky I don't live near one so I can avoid that pitfall.
    You already know how much I love this fringe kimono <3 So no need to reiterate it, right?

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. Oh I love your mink pink kimono and the dress is a wonderful addition!


  4. Hahah, I come up with new words too! :D I love the pattern of the dress and the color is so vivid, perfect for the coming Fall ^_^


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