Monday, August 25, 2014

Give Up The Ghost

Free People Hat and Skirt
American Eagle Outfitters Jacket and Top
Salvatore Ferragamo Bag (thrifted)
Rag and Bone Harrow Boots (ebay)
Necklace (thrifted)

That was an unexpected break!   This past week our Vic decided to die and after messing around and trying everything, Ev and I ended up replacing the fuel pump.   That was more of a pain than e thought, ours is an older model so trying to find youtube videos was almost impossible to find for reference.   We did get it (after a few mishaps and three days later) but we didn't get the seal on the fuel pump all the way and when I filled up the tank in town, gas started leaking everywhere!  I called my dad, almost in tears, terrified the car was going to blow up if I started it. (It turns out it's actually really hard to blow up a car.)  I managed to get it home, pretty positive the whole way I was going to blow it up, and we had to drop the fuel tank all over again and start from scratch.  the next day one of the belly straps for the tank broke while I was driving again and we had to go to the junk yard to find a new one.   
So, after car fun, I was getting ready to go to town and finally put up a post and.....the computer died. My hands, they are cursed!    Nothing I could do would bring it back to life and when I took in to our awesome computer repair people (Pssst- Geek City for Fairbanks peeps - these guys are great, they're fast, have great customer service, don't make fun of you for lack of computer knowledge and are really reasonable with their prices.) they said it wasn't worth fixing.  I'd had that little laptop for almost seven years and by this point, there's not even hardly parts for it.   
I was pretty bummed out and I didn't really want to shell out money for a new computer but Ev surprised me the next day with one.  It was super sweet of him. (He got pie out of the deal - peach and rhubarb which might possibly beat cherry pie for yumminess.)  In-between all of this work was crazy, the kids started school and Izzy flooded out the bathroom and the two bedrooms.   It's been a week but I know how to change out a fuel pump now.  And that dads probably know everything in the world because my dad had to endure way too many phone calls as we kept calling him, trying to trouble shoot car problems.
If you made it through that word vomit, yay and cookies for everyone!
I'm sorry, I don't actually have cookies.


  1. Hahaha, everyday is an adventure there! You guys are bad ass :D It's always good when you learn new things, even if it's under pressure :D
    Congrats on the new computer, I got a new computer for New Year and it was the best day of my life :D
    Whoa, that necklace, I love it *_* The shirt is gorgeous too! ^^

  2. Eek, sorry about everything breaking all at once, but exciting about a new computer! I love the back of that shirt! So pretty.


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