Monday, July 7, 2014

The Night Shift

Silk Kimono (thrifted)
Marc Jacobs Silk Kimono (thrifted)
Kardashians for Sears Tank
Aeropstale Shorts
Jeffery Campbell Heels
Hat c/o H&M
Lucky Brand Leather Bag (gift)

I thought Dollar was a moose last night.   I fed the horse and was cleaning up the shed when I heard Dollar snorting, I stepped out of the shed and right in front of me was a moose!  Expect it was Dollar and I thought he's gotten out of the pen so I grabbed a bucket of grain and was about to go back to catch him.  The twist is that it was actually a moose and I tried to catch him before I realized that it was not in fact Dollar.

Being sleep deprived is not healthy. (Although Dollar does sorta look like a moose with his big head....) I've been so stressed out about the rising water this past week and dealing the horses and the roof that I just haven't gotten very much sleep.  It has been moose central at the property though, the other day three young cows were all hanging out in our yard, going to town on the bushes and a little bull has been bedding down at the front of the drive every night for the past week.

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  1. That kimono is so pretty! Hope things get less stressful real soon!


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