Sunday, July 13, 2014


Free People Hat
French Connection for Sears Romper
Leather Bag (consignment shop)
American Eagle Outfitters Leopard Belt
Minnetonka Leather Sandals (thrifted)

I think the title sums up my brain at the moment, I'm not even sure I remember my own name.   On one of my jobs we discovered some serious water damage and after digging around, it turned out that whoever'd built the house twenty years ago buried random water pipes in quick dry cement in the floor. (Pipes that are apparently of standard size only in Sweden.)   It's been a bit of a clusterfuck since that discovery, one of the load bearing walls has a lot of damage, the pipes have to be replaced completely, the flooring has to be redone and there's mold EVERYWHERE.   The running joke is that it was a master pastor carpenter who built the house because only an idiot of epic proportions and laziness could have made such a mess. (I'm sorry, pastor carps are the worst - every single one I've ever worked with is lazy, unskilled and spends most of his time talking.  I really hope they're better pastors than they are carpenters because if not, WOW.)


  1. sorry about the water damage. on the bright side, you look amazing! i absolutely love your romper and satchel. so pretty!

  2. I love the fall feel of this outfit with your orange-y colored hat and bag. That sucks about that water damage and all the extra damage discovered. Hopefully it gets cleaned up relatively quickly!

    Jamie |

  3. aggghhh! that's my virtual scream when i read how stressful all that garbage is for you to. hello nightmare why am i awake? on the plus side, that hat is the be all end all. yep.


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