Friday, July 18, 2014

Light Off The Foxtail

Hat (thrifted)
Free People Dress
Curfew Sandals
Coach Willis (thrifted)
American Eagle Leather Belt

I keep meaning to go to town to write up some posts but this week has just flown by with a vengeance.  Work has been busy and then we're been doing a lot of work on the house during the evenings so time feels like it's been in short supply.   We did take a break a few days ago to take the kids to the new beach in town, the Tanana Rec area off Cushman.  It's a spot where everyone use to go burn car, get bunch and usually get (the non-burnt) cars stuck in the sloughs.  The city has been working on digging it out and cleaning the area up and they made a really nice beach, compete with real sand and pretty kid safe.  We usually go to Chena Lakes for swimming but it's nice to have a spot a little bit closer and it's actually a far nicer spot to swim than what I had as a kid.  We swam in a pit that was filled with water every spring by the Moose Pass fire Department and it was deep, cold, gravely and definitely not kid safe, it's a good thing we all swam like fish because there was no shallow zone!  Other than that, we always swam in Trail Lake which is a deep, glacier fed lake or in gravel quarries out in the Big Lake Area.  Once in a while we went to Lake Lucille or Matsu Lake but they were pretty mucky and you'd have a good chance of getting swimmer's itch.
 So yeah, back in my day, we had to dig our our swimming hole, file it pail by pail from the local glacier and then fight off the bears.  I probably need to work in a blizzard and walking ten miles into that story before I lecture the kids about what a nice place they have to swim.  (A real beach!  With real sand! Ooooooh, real sand....)


  1. Bahaha, oh yes, you simply must work in the part about walking through blizzards into that lecture xD
    And burn car? Please explain this to me, I'm a total idiot when it comes to terms such as these 0_o
    LOVE that striking photo of you at the top. Wow, what a shot. You look like you belong in a Free People catalog <3

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. I love the lighting in these! Very pretty.

  3. Wow I can't imagine digging my own swimming hole. You're awesome!

    Also these pictures turned out so gorgeous. You look beautiful in this maxi dress and I love your vintage purse too.

    Jamie |

  4. The light in these pictures! It's just amazing. The first shot looks like an indie film cover. And wow, your swimming story sounds interesting. Is it not incredibly cold swimming there?

  5. oh my freaking gosh, i learn so much about a different world when i read your posts. the glacier stuff, & digging your own hole... fascinates me. oh i'm marveling over your dress & the beautiful light in your photos.


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